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Volleyball Courts in Puchong & Subang you can use for free

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

It's high time that someone compiled a list of volleyball courts around Selangor. All that time wasted googling should be used for bumping and spiking volleyballs instead. These are all public courts that don't require any bookings or payments to use.

Since these courts are not under any management and are available to the public, you'll need to bring your own volleyball net.

1. Merak Volleyball Court, Puchong

2. Jalan TK 5/14, Taman Mawar

This court doesn't have volleyball court lines on it. I DIY-ed a pair of volleyball poles and fixed them to the ground. You might need a really long rope to connect your net to the poles.

3. Volleyball Court @ USJ 1 Park (aka Taman Sukan MPSJ USJ 1), Subang

4. Volleyball Court @ USJ 11/4 Park, Subang

Possibly the best court around Subang. Uncle Poh, one of the most dedicated volleyball coaches I've ever met, used to run daily volleyball sessions here prior to MCO. He's always looking for the next person who watches too much Haikyuu and wants to learn how to play volleyball.

Most of the athletes who use this court are from SMK USJ 12. Uncle Poh is their head coach and has done a phenomenal job leading them to a consistent Top 4 placing in the Petaling Perdana district's MSSD.

5. Volleyball Court @ Arena MBSJ, USJ 5 (aka Stadium MPSJ)

Note that all the courts listed above don't have volleyball equipment. You may be required to purchase and set up your own volleyball net.

If you've recently purchased a volleyball net, you might want to do some research before heading to the court.

Setting up the net is easy if you have the right tools:

  1. Be sure to have lots of ropes that are at least 0.5cm thick, and about 2-4m length-wise.

  2. A stool or chair. Most of the poles are at least 243cm in height (you don't want to be spending 10 minutes jumping around the pole trying to latch your rope to the ball bearing on top of the pole).

  3. A ratchet tie down or a turnbuckle.

All of the above can be purchased from Mr DIY or from your nearest hardware store.

Make your court well known to all so we can build more volleyball communities and clubs! Missing the sensation of your palm wrapping around the ball as you get in a hard hit or spike, or wanting to practise extra bumping reps when everyone around you is unavailable, can be a frustrating feeling. But the most frustrating feeling of all might be not having any access to the nearest court around you.

I am in the midst of compiling other private courts, as well as courts that are outside of Puchong & Subang. If you know of any volleyball courts around your area that I missed, or if you are a community starter and have a big heart for volleyball, I would love to hear from you too!

Do you know of a court near you? Need help on where to get a net? Drop us a WhatsApp or email us at and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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Is there any ws group community that i can join as a beginner in volleyball?

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