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Head Coach

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Meet Coach Amos Lim, the volleyball superstar who can set, spike, and serve with the best of them! With 19 years of playing experience under his belt, Amos is the ultimate volleyball pro. And as the head coach at Grace Volleyball Academy and Kwang Hua Private School, he's always ready to share his knowledge with the next generation of players.

But there's more to Amos than just volleyball. When he's not dominating on the court, he loves nothing more than catching the latest movies at the theatre.

And being a true Malaysian, his go-to meal is Nasi Lemak

(as long as it's good quality, because bad nasi lemak is not worth the calories...).

But watch out, because there are a few foods that Amos just won't touch. He's not a fan of porridge or noodles, but when it comes to pasta, he's all in!

So if you're looking for a coach who knows his volleyball and his movies, look no further than Amos Lim. With his recent Coaching Volleyball Level 1 certification, he's always committed to improving his skills and helping his team succeed.

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