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Founder, Program Director & Head Coach

Meet Edwin, a dynamic individual who's constantly striving to improve himself and those around him. As the founder and program director of Grace Volleyball Academy, Edwin is more than just a coach - he's a mentor, a leader, and a role model for his young athletes.

Edwin's passion for volleyball is infectious, and he's made it his personal mission to instill that same love of the game in his students. With over a decade of coaching experience under his belt, he's developed a coaching style that's both effective and enjoyable, striking the perfect balance between hard work and fun.

But there's more to Edwin than just volleyball. When he's not on the court, he's an avid reader and Netflix binge-watcher, always on the lookout for his next great adventure. He's also a bit of a coffee aficionado, with a keen eye for the perfect brew. According to his wife, his favourite food is his wife's cooking ;)


Overall, Edwin is a truly unique individual who's always pushing himself to be better. Whether he's coaching, reading, or just hanging out with friends, he brings the same level of passion and enthusiasm to everything he does.

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