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Volleyball Courts in Petaling Jaya

Please note that some of these are public courts, therefore you'll need to bring your own volleyball net.

1. Catholic High School, (CHS) PJ

First on the list we have Catholic High School PJ (CHS) .

There are many high schools with great volleyball facilities. CHS is one of the few. CHS has 2 volleyball courts in their facility with wooden parquet flooring.

It is a private facility and is only available to the public for bookings after schooling hours, between 7pm-12am daily.

This is subject to change during this uncertain period, so here's a contact person to find out more info. ⁠

Ms Lai⁠ 010 982 3719

Fee: RM180/ 2 hours (including volleyball net)

2. BU3 Community Hall, Bandar Utama

This facility has 1 court with cement flooring. Although it's better than any public volleyball court, we wouldn't dive here if we were you ;)

This court is under the management of the municipal of PJ (MBPJ). Contact their Kota Damansara office branch office at 03-6143 7564 for more info. You need to book the court in advance at their office. Unfortunately, they do not have an online booking system in place at the time of this writing.

Fee: RM10/hour before 6pm, RM20/hour after 6pm. (excluding volleyball net)

3. Taman Megah Playground, SS 24 (behind SJKC Yuk Chai)

No bookings required. This is a public volleyball court with a rough cement flooring. You might need to win in a game of rock, paper, scissors with other basketball players to see who use the court. Please bring your own net.

4. Grace Volleyball Academy @ Republic of Futsal PJ

Republic of Futsal PJ will be one of Grace Volleyball Academy's home courts. At the moment, we have plans to set up 4 volleyball courts here on their interlock flooring.

The netted ceiling might cause some inconvenience if you dig or set too high up for your open spiker to spike (or when you have a crazy friend who serves like Nishida and your team has to receive it up high). ;)

Contact them at 013 445 6272 for a booking.

Fee: TBD

5. Bola Tampar Persada PLUS

Persada Plus has 2 volleyball courts with a roof above. Well known for its epoxy/smooth cement flooring. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public since the pandemic started.

At the time of writing, this facility is still closed. You can check with Mr Mazlan's office 03-76664518 regarding their reopening.

Fee: RM60 per court/ 2 hours

6. Siam Volleyball Court, SS2

This is a public court.

Dive at your own risks because it has a rough concrete flooring.

If you are using this court, remember to bring your own net and also a ratchet tie down to fasten the net.

This court is commonly used by SMK Taman Sea and many other schools around this area.

Read on for tips on how to set up your own volleyball net!

Setting up a net is easy if you have the right tools:

  1. Ropes that are at least 0.5cm thick, and about 2-4m length-wise.

  2. Stool or chair. Most of the poles are at least 243cm in height (you don't want to be spending 10 minutes jumping around the pole trying to latch your rope to the top of the pole).

  3. A ratchet tie down or a turnbuckle.

All of the above can be purchased from Mr DIY or from your nearest hardware store.

Make your court well known to all so we can build more volleyball communities and clubs!

If you know any volleyball courts around your area that we've missed, or if you are a community starter and have a big heart for volleyball, we would love to hear from you.

Do you know of a court near you? Need help on where to get a net? Drop us a WhatsApp or email us at and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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Joshua Legends
Joshua Legends
Apr 19, 2022

Can I join your coaching?

Edwin Ang
Edwin Ang
Apr 19, 2022
Replying to

Hi Joshua, drop us a message via WhatsApp to find out more ;)

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